IFLA Library Theory and Research Section for IFLA 2008

CALL FOR PAPERS from the IFLA Library Theory and Research Section for IFLA 2008(10-14 August 2008, Qu้bec, Canada)

THEME: Theoretical Approaches to Research on Libraries as Space and Place
Libraries as space and place have become an important research topic
within library and information science. How can libraries develop into
places promoting community, knowledge sharing, citizenship, confidence
and trust? Such research questions are relevant for public libraries
as well as for academic, government and special libraries, and they
are relevant for digital libraries as well as physical libraries. At
its session in Quebec, the IFLA section on Library Theory and Research
will focus upon research on libraries as space and place. In
particular, we want to examine theoretical approaches when doing
research on this issue, e.g. theories on the public sphere, concepts
and approaches related to social capital, approaches from knowledge
management such as communities of practice, the concept of ?The Third
Place,? etc. Papers discussing the fruitfulness of different
theoretical approaches when researching this topic in general or when
doing research on libraries as space and place in particular contexts,
e.g an academic context or a local community context, are welcomed.
Abstracts in English or French although any IFLA approved language are
welcome. However, availability of simultaneous interpretation into
other IFLA languages may not be possible. Every effort will be made to
provide simultaneous interpretation, or to provide a translation of
the paper for the presentation. The abstracts should amount to
approximately 500 words and should be sent no later than 30 January
2008 to Marydee Ojala (Marydee@xmission.com). Decision on acceptance
of proposals will be made by March 1st. Papers accepted will be due no
later than May 15th.

Please note that all expenses, including registration for the
conference, travel, accommodation etc., are the responsibility of the
authors of the accepted papers.

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