Guust van Wesemael Literacy Prize – Call for Applications 2009

Guust van Wesemael Literacy Prize – Call for Applications 2009


The objective of the Prize is to recognise an achievement in the field of literacy promotion in a developing country. The Prize should preferably be used for follow-up activities such as purchasing targeted collections of appropriate books, but may also be used for other activities such as literacy promotion, training, policy development. The Prize is issued biennially. The focus of the Prize is public library or school library work. Both individuals and library institutions are eligible to apply.

The Prize was established by the lFLA Executive Board in November 1991, to commemorate the late Guust van Wesemael, who was Coordinator of lFLA's Professional Activities from 1979 to 1990 and Deputy Secretary General of lFLA from 1979 to 1991, and his contribution to lFLA's efforts to promote literacy in the developing countries. ln 1996 the Prize was re-established under revised conditions.


The applications must be accompanied by:

the reasons for application;

a detailed description of the completed project or activity (including a short description of the library, or of the organisation and its activities);

an explanation of how the Prize money would be used;

and a realistic budget.

Candidates are also advised to attach a letter of support from their library association.

The Prize of EUR 2,725 will be paid out in 2 installments: two thirds immediately and one third on submission or a report of how the Prize has been used.

Within six months after receipt of the Prize, the winner must submit to lFLA HQ an interim report of the use made of the funds, and the second installment will be paid out. When the project period is finished a final report and a financial statement should be submitted. (The report should be in a form suitable for publication in lFLA Journal).

Deadline for application: 1 March of 2009

More information and application form you can find on the IFLA website: http://www.ifla.org/III/grants/grant02.htm

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